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The best products for the Curly Girl method buy at A&F Cosmetics

At A&F Cosmetics you order the best products to start your Curly Girl method. Having curly hair is a so-called ''blessing and a curse''. Curls are beautiful but styling and controlling your curls remains a struggle. That is why in 1991 a special method was developed to take care of curly hair in the perfect way. The Curly girl method!

Taking care of curly hair with CG products

To properly care for your curly hair, we recommend products that are completely CG-proof. The Curly Girl method provides a step-by-step plan for anyone with curly hair to have the perfect grooming routine for your curly hair. Over the years, the Curly Girl method has continued to evolve to help more curly hair types. At its core, the Curly Girl method says that you only use products that are CG-proof. These are products that do not use sulfates, mineral oil, silicones, waxes and drying alcohol as ingredients. At A&F cosmetics, you'll find a nice selection of:

Curly Girl products for every hair type

Before ordering the best Curly Girl products, it's important to know what hair type you have. The Curly Girl method has developed tremendously in recent years, making it usable for any type of curly hair. However, it is important to first find out what kind of hair properties your hair has. There are a number of hair characteristics that are important for the Curly Girl method. These hair properties are:

  • Curl type
  • Thickness
  • Amount of hair
  • Porosity
  • Elasticity

These hair properties differ for each curly hair type. So it is important to first look at the properties of your curly hair and adjust your products accordingly. If you want more explanation about what the properties exactly mean. Read our blog on what you need to know about the Curly Girl method.

Products free of silicones, parabens and sulfates

The Curly Girl method is the perfect method for getting beautiful curly hair because it uses only products that are free of silicones, parabens and sulfates. To go through the method successfully, it is important that you use the right products. Order your Curly Girl products easily in A&F Cosmetics' webshop.

Start the Curly Girl method with a purifying shampoo

This may be a little weird and contradictory but you start the Curly Girl method with a final wash. A final wash with a purifying shampoo that contains sulfate. A&F Cosmetics has some perfect shampoos that are ideal for purifying your hair before you start the Curly Girl method. For example, we have a wonderful lavender shampoo or ginger shampoo. This is meant to rinse all residues of other substances including silicones out of your hair. Of course, it is also a nice finish to the washes how you are used to them.

The Best Curly Girl Shampoo for the CG Method

We officially start the Curly Girl method with a good Curly Girl shampoo. It is important to start by washing your curly hair. A&F Cosmetics has a number of brands that sell different CG-proof shampoos, such as African pride or Curly secret. It is hugely important that you massage your scalp with the shampoo for at least a minute. Do this massaging only with your fingers or with a special brush such as the Curly Secret scalp brush.

Use a CG-proof conditioner, but not a brush

The next step in the CG step-by-step plan is a Curly Girl conditioner, and don't be stingy! Again, make sure you use a conditioner that is CG-proof. For example, Flora & Curl and Shea Moisture brands are highly recommended! Apply a good layer of conditioner to your hair. The bottom layer of your curly hair should be covered making it feel even ''slimy.'' Now let the conditioner soak in for a while and gently rinse it out. It is important to leave a little conditioner left to detangle your hair. Use only your fingers for detangling. Brushes can damage your curls!

Various Curly Girl styling products for curly hair

After a thorough wash with shampoo and conditioner, we can start styling your beautiful curls with Curly Girl styling products! If you followed the steps correctly, your hair is now clean and detangled. At A&F Cosmetics, we have a great variety of brands that offer the best products for styling different types of curly hair! For example, Mielle, Trepadora and Aunt Jackie's have the best styling products for curly hair.

A&F Cosmetics has all the drying products for the Curly Girl method

The last step of the Curly Girl method is drying your curls. It is disastrous to dry your curls with a towel. You can use a cotton T-shirt or one of Flora & Curl's micro cloths. Here you wrap your curls one by one in the towel or T-shirt and, as it were, pat your curls dry. After this you can let your hair air dry. Should you still want your hair to dry faster, you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Note! Set the temperature low.

Buy all your Curly Girl Method products at A&F Cosmetics.

The Curly Girl method in combination with the best products is the way to go for you. Here's how to make sure your curly hair stays perfectly curly. The final step of the CG method is repetition. The Curly Girl method stands and falls with repetition. So it is important to consistently follow the steps. Luckily, you can buy all the products you need for the CG method at A&F Cosmetics!